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ALG ACT trigger / Fire Control Group


The hard lube coating used on the ACT triggers is a modified  electroless nickel plating with  a Boron or Teflon additive. This modified coating  improves surface hardness, wear resistance, and  corrosion resistance. Testing shows that the electroless  nickel coating improves the single stage pull. The  trigger components are coated with Nickel  Boron for  its surface hardness and wear resistance, while the  hammer, disconnector and pins are coated with Nickel  Teflon for  the low friction coefficient. The specific coatings of  each part contribute to the improved feel and durability  of the ALG Combat Trigger. 


•Meets U.S. Military Specifications
•Average Pull Weight of 6.0 Pounds
•Trigger is Nickel Boron Plated
•Hammer, Disconnector, & Pins are Nickel Teflon  Plated
•Full Power Hammer Spring for Reliable Ignition

Made by ALG/Geissele

Will fit AR-15 and LR-308 rifles.

100% Made in the USA. 

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