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OEM Glock Gen3 Lower Parts Kit

OEM Glock Gen3 Lower Parts Kit

$129.00 Regular Price
$69.94Sale Price

These are all OEM Glock brand parts, except for the Ghost connector, if selected.


The kits come with all parts, other than locking block, needed to complete a frame.

The kits for Polymer80 come with all the parts needed to complete a Polymer80 frame. Polymer80 frames come with some of their own proprietary parts. These kits will not come with a trigger housing pin, since the p80 frames come with a longer, metal pin. The kits for the Polymer80 26, 27, and 33 will not come with a slide stop spring or a locking block pin, since those will come with the P80 frame.


Extended kits come with an extended slide release lever and an extended magazine release button.


Kits without fire control group come without trigger, trigger connector, trigger spring, and trigger housing.


All parts are OEM Glock Parts, except for Ghost connectors, if selected. 

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